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We as tea professionals stand for a calm, pleasant mind with a down-to-earth character and a long memory for details regarding exquisite teas, just like our elephant.

We deliver exceptional and exquisite tea qualities. Our tea tasters use their long-term experience and expertise aiming to find the right tea and taste for you.

A relationship with our customers based on trust and partnership is very important to us.  Our support will lead you from the first idea for a new product to the final product.

Especially in dealing with food a comprehensive quality management, strict control and hygiene measurements, regular analyses as well as traceability are of great importance.  

As a consequence our raw materials are continously monitored, checked and assessed according to the food regulation.

Because of our strong and reliable network with the producers in the countries of origin, we are able to deliver high quality teas. From the harvest to the arrival of the tea in Germany we monitor the quality and movement of the products closely on every step of their way.

Environment and society

The local working conditions of the tea farmers, pluckers and packers are as important to us as the sustainable and the environment-friendly handling of our products. We attach a big importance to ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE, RAINFOREST and sustainability – not only because of the impact for our own business but also for the generations to come.

Our employees are the core of The Tea Company. We are an experienced mixture of fourteen employees, including four experienced tea tasters, commercial professionals in the field of purchase, sales, administration, storage, quality management, marketing and concept development.

We share a strong passion for tea and with our expertise we focus on the selection and sourcing of high quality teas.

Team spirit, responsability and sustainability characterise our sense of unity. They form the basis for the performance with which we convince and inspire.