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Advice from the experts

Direct import & tea qualities

From the first beginning we focused on growing a diverse tea range in order to provide an extense variety of products

Our tea is grown in selected tea gardens worldwide. From China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam up to Indonesia and Africa.

Regular visits to the tea estates enable us to inspect the local conditions and to ensure the compliance of legal standards in the origin countries, e.g. concerning Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest requirements.

Due to the close contact with the producers and long-term business partners in origin we have the advantage of being able to react to changes and trends in the market instantly.

Advice on product development, product range & market analyses

We use our profound tea knowledge, taking into account the tea varieties, the situation and the circumstances in the countries of origin as well as the logistics to develop a tailor-made concept for our customers.

Our competent and experienced tea tasters make innovative, individual tea concepts according to your wishes. Jointly with you we will create exceptional, traditional or modern taste profiles.

Would you like to know what the current tea trends are? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are pleased to advise you concerning the planning of your product range taking into account the present end consumer tendencies and trend analyses.

As a specialist for tailor-made tea concepts we also advise in matters of private label business.  
Our customer portfolio includes e.g. whole salers, speciality shops, beverage manufacturers and HoReCa customers (Hotel / Restaurant / Catering).

We would like to point out that the selection of teas as well as the recipes and all relevant information regarding the products are kept confidential. All steps will be taken in close consultation with the customer.

As a matter of course we stick to the standards for certified products and labelling requirements of food regulation.

Packaging concepts & private label

Pyramid tea bags, sachets, packets, double chamber tea bags, long tea bags, tubular bags, tins or larger packages such as big bags and sacks – do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with us!

As a reliable partner we advise and support you from the recipe up to the choice of the right packaging.

All used packaging materials are checked concerning the specification and optimal use for the considered purpose. For the design development we work closely with external creative agencies.

For a smooth work flow we take over the process coordination with the packaging manufacturers and printing companies.

Warehousing & logistics

Our employees and logistic partners ensure a safe transport and ideal storage conditions for raw material and finished goods. Naturally we guarantee the traceability from the production up to the delivery of the finished products.

In our well-assorted warehouse the transparency, the implementation of hygiene standards and the maximum security for employees, raw materials and finished goods are our top priority.

In case of identifying defiencies during the regular site inspections, irregularities will be reported, instantly taken care off and measures will be updated.

To prevent vermin infestation, we use professional assistance whose efficiency is regularly reviewed and guaranteed.

Our customers expect more than just the delivery of tea qualities from the countries in origin. Our core competence is the 360 degree view beginning with market and consumer trends.

Also with regard to the decision for the appropriate packaging concepts for private label we are pleased to support you. The departments warehousing and logistics complement our comprehensive service.